Review – Invisions ‘Between You And Me’ Album Release Show

Date: Saturday 9th February 2019

Supports: Cutting Teeth, Captives, On Hollow Ground


Opening show tonight were the guys in Cutting Teeth, Showing no mercy they opened with a 1-2 barrage of ‘The Great Delusionist’ and ‘Life of a Loser’ which really showed just what the band were all about. Whilst crowd seemed to be lacking in energy apart from a few people up front there was more than enough coming from the band and especially guitarist Adam to keep things going at 110%. A fantastic opening set followed that really set the bar high for the rest of the night. Anyone that hasn’t started listening to these guys yet really need to get on board as soon as possible because these guys are going from strength to strength very quickly

Following up from Cutting Teeth was never going be an easy job but tonight that fell to Captives. Despite the fact that this was only their 4th show they definitely took it in their stride. Slowing things down a bit they really showed what they were capable of as a band especially with the Casey-esque vocals which shone through throughout the set. A slightly issue with the mix at the start of the set hampered the performance slightly but was sorted out by the time they got to their newest track ‘Signs’ and it really showed the potential that they have going forward! Finishing the set on a high they set things up nicely for On Hollow Ground to follow on from

Taking things back up a level and into the hardcore were On Hollow Ground. Sounding the most similar to Invisions out of the three it very quickly became apparent why they were the main support for the evening. All the energy that seemed to be avoiding the room earlier was now well and truly in full flow with the room erupting into chaos. As On Hollow Ground smashed through their set it just seemed to get more and more intense with a moment during ‘Shutdown’ when upon hearing that it was being filmed for a video the crowd went mental, not a single person in the room standing still. Whilst some of the clean vocals left a bit to be desired it was carried by every other aspect of the band and really warmed the crowd up perfectly for tonight’s headliners.

Finally taking to the stage at half nine were tonight’s main event – Invisions. Having sold out the show it was very obvious from the moment that they took to the stage, this evening was about them. Mixing in plenty of tracks off their new album ‘Between You And Me’ alongside older tracks worked perfectly and really showed how much they’ve raised their game even within the last year. With the crowd moving from start to finish it really embodied the party atmosphere that the band had asked for. So much so that the brief encore gave people just enough time to get their breath back before the band ended with style with crowd favourite ‘Soul Seeker’. It’s clear that these guys are on a skyrocket upwards after headlining the Boardie Takeover at Download and signing to Stay Sick Records and here’s hoping that they get the same recognition from the rest of the music world as they did in Leeds tonight!

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