Review – Set It Off

Date: 13th April 2019

Venue: The Key Club, Leeds

Supports: Bearings, Vukovi

– – – – –

First up for us tonight were Scottish rockers Vukovi and they were definitely here to party. Within the first song lead singer Janine was out in the crowd making the most of their shorter set. A touch of humour was added during the show when she asked for a box to stand in so that she could see the crowd, when a box appeared from backstage she spent the remainder of the set in the crowd. Despite the lack of movement by her it was clear to see the effort that the band were putting into tonight’s performance and judging from the size of the crowd it was being lapped up very well! Older tracks such as ‘I’m Wired’ went down just as well as new track ‘C.L.A.U.D.I.A’ with the crowd dancing along throughout the set. Everything was brought to a fever pitch with their last song being ‘La Di Da’ which brought a huge crowd singalong and really showed just how passionate Vukovi fans really are!! With a perfect performance it’s no wonder that everyone is talking about them.


Following up from Vukovi were tonight’s headliners Set It Off. Known for their great crowd interaction and party atmosphere it was only right that they took to Leeds on a Saturday night. With the crowd suitably warmed up by Vukovi it was no surprise that as soon as the set started the crowd were jumping. Even though a lot of the set was based around their new album Midnight, Set It Off worked through a huge host of songs from all albums even including a medley for those songs that don’t get played as often in their sets. As the band put it ‘We want to play as many Set It Off songs tonight as we can’. The entire band were in perfect sync with everyone making for a very impressive mix across the set. Extra points have to go to Dan who alongside playing a stellar set with the guitar also cracked out a trumpet halfway through to really complete the show. With the party atmosphere building throughout the set it was clear to see as they played arguably one of their biggest tracks in ‘Why Worry’ just how much the band meant to everyone in the crowd and just how much the crowd meant to the band as well! Following the brief pause, a rousing encore of ‘Partners in Crime’ and ‘Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing’ really finished the night off in perfect style. A true party fitting of a Saturday night and no better bands to spend it with!

Set It Off

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